I admit it – I’ve been a fabric addict for many years – ever since 1992, the year my Meg was born and I took up quilting. I fell in love right then and there – with my first baby, and with my new passion. In the twenty years since then I’ve been incredibly blessed and have tried my hand at most everything quilting has to offer.

I’m a former quilt shop owner – my girl Sharon (Smith) Blackmore and I owned Prairie Quilt Mercantile in Airdrie, Canada, just outside of Calgary. In 2009 we began designing, speaking, and teaching our designs to other shops and guilds in Western Canada. We were in Houston at Market in 2012 with our patterns and spoke with Kansas City Star about a proposed book project featuring fresh, chic, prairie-inspired designs. In 2013 we published Fresh From the Prairies with KCS, and spent the next year travelling, promoting our book, teaching, and building an online presence (thanks to Shar, duchess of social media). It was exhausting but fun.

Our designs have been featured in Quilt Magazine, Primitive Quilts and Projects, Fons & Porter and Quilter’s World, and we’ve designed for Windham and RJR Fabrics.

And a brand new step in my career in the “biz” is as fabric rep for E. E. Schenck, representing Alberta and Saskatchewan. Travel on my horizon, but exciting. Can’t wait to visit my shops! AND I’m currently working on BOOK TWO (update – C&T Publishing purchased Kansas City Star this year – so a new publisher!).

I live in Drumheller, Canada with my man and two pups on a few acres in the country. Our four “baby-adults” are trying to make it on their own in the city and I look forward to the weekends when I get to love them and feed them. Our oldest is making wedding plans for the summer, and the rest are all in stages of college, Junior year, gap year, in love and out-of-love. I’m incredibly blessed!



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